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By W. Donald Hudson (auth.)

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A picture may be used in commands, wishes, questions, and other kinds of utterance, but in every such case something is added to the picture. ' (optative). In each case something different is added 1o the picture in order to give the utterance its particular meaning. A distinction may therefore be drawn, within each of the kinds of utterance which we have mentioned, between two logical elements of which they are composed. These two elements have been variously differentiated as respectively: 'the descriptive content' and 'the modal component', 33 'the sentence-radical' and 'the use';34 the 'phrastic' and the 'neustic'.

And I took it that he wanted me to time my arrival for one o'clock exactly as the most accurate chronometers would determine it under laboratory conditions, would not that be a misunderstanding? 'Inexact' is really a reproach, and 'exact' is praise, said Wittgenstein, because what is inexact attains its goal less perfectly than what is exact. Thus the point here is what we take as 'the goal'. On ordinary occasions, my meaning is not unclear because I do not give distances in terms of the smallest conceivable measurements.

Ii) This recognitiOn that something is always being done with language, even supposing the latter to picture reality, was evident in Wittgenstein's growing realisation of the importance of what may be called the modal component in sentences. 022b Wittgenstein had drawn a distinction between what a proposition 'shows' and what it 'says'. 'A proposition shows (zez"gt) how things stand if it is true. ' This distinction, once drawn, raises the question whether a proposition, if it were nothing more than a picture, could both show how things stand if it is true and say that they do so stand.

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