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By J.-P. Vigier (auth.), Geoffrey Hunter, Stanley Jeffers, Jean-Pierre Vigier (eds.)

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The Symposium entitled: Causality and Locality in glossy Physics and As­ tronomy: Open Questions and attainable ideas was once held at York collage, Toronto, over the last week of August 1997. It was once a sequel to an analogous sym­ posium entitled: the current prestige of the Quantum conception of sunshine held on the comparable venue in August 1995. those symposia took place because of discussions among Professor Stanley Jeffers and co-workers at the overseas Organizing Committee. Professor Jeffers was once the administrative neighborhood organizer of the symposia. The 1997 symposium attracted over one hundred twenty individuals representing 26 assorted nations and educational associations. The large topic of either symposia was once the enigma of contemporary physics: the non-local, and doubtless superluminal interactions implied by means of quantum mechanics, the constitution of primary debris together with the photon, the reconciliation of quantum mechanics with the idea of relativity, and the character of gravity and inertia. Jean-Pierre Vigier was once the visitor of honour at either symposia. He used to be a full of life contributor to the discussions of the shows. The shows have been made as 30-minute lectures, or in the course of a night poster consultation. a few members didn't post a written account in their presentation on the symposium, and never the entire articles submitted for the complaints might be integrated end result of the publisher's web page restrict. The titles and authors of the papers that needed to be excluded are indexed in an appendix.

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Keeping M 1 as close as possible to the value for the octet, we fit Eq. (8) to the mass ofthe d, the lightest one in this group. Thus with m = 0 and n = 1, we obtain Md = 1232 MeV for values of M 1 = 882 and D = 35. Using the same value of M 1 but allowing D to vary slightly, we obtain Table II for the decuplet masses: TABLE II. :. 0 0 3 4 n Mass (MeV) Calculated Observed [22] 1232 1232 n For the decuplet, n = lSI + 1 provides the number of strange quarks in the decay products. As a result, m must be zero for M 1 and D to be close to the octet values.

M. reaction) the relations: .... Er=Eo [ rr.. r·2 ] 1+--: c2 2c 2 .... es · er Fsr=h·--· r2 [ r · r.. r·2 ] 1+-+c2 2c 2 ·r (31) a possible solution which corresponds to the usual instantaneous Weber force when one writes k = ( 4 :~o) . e. (32) which preserves the equality of action and reaction. m. e. simultaneous existence of transverse and longitudinal forces in current-current interactions [18][19]. Of course, the preceding calculation is insufficient, since it starts from a "pure" longitudinal action at a distance term Eo = r~ r and leaves out the spin-orbit and spin-spin action-at-a-distance interactions in :Eo tied to CHARGED PARTICLE MODEL IN ELECTRODYNAMIC THEORY 21 our particular model.

3. The Gravitational Field of a Finite Light Pencil in the Weak-Field Approach For the linearized weak-field approximation (WFA) Aichelburg & Sexl, 1971, assume m • 0, point-like and c = G = 1. For Einstein's field equations: 1. Rtk·lllg~-81tTtk and 2a. gik·1l ik+lhik, 2b. 1l ik-diag (1 ,-1 ,-1 ,-1 ), and 2c. 1 DERIVATION OF GRAVITATIONAL FIELD OF RADIATION The Vigier mass of the photon is derived utilizing the Tolman, Ehrenfest, Podolsky (TEP) (1931) model of spacetime CUIVature induced by a finite light pencil .

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