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By Alexander Brener, Barbara Shurz

ISBN-10: 3950156712

ISBN-13: 9783950156713

"... a disposable piece of anti-literature which mixes wild flights of fable, Bataillean erotic extra, half-baked poetry and ‘primitive’ illustrations with sober theories of cultural and social revolution. Its accomplishment is to create a ebook that's non-serious and unimpressive in its kind, but innovative and encouraging in its political passion."


A: Bukaka is a continuing, tasteless, jogging revolution, she spits and swallows, is susceptible and indestructible. Her philosophy doesn't quote Foucault and different useless white male jerks: it truly is barboodas, klikusha, pfush. She has no footnotes. Blood, spit and cum boil the place she walks. may make a great weekly comedian. i do know you're not Raymond Pettibon: he by no means did something that exciting.

A&B: No, Bukaka isn't a comic with a savage and horny heroine yet really the tale of a mad and oppressed migrant who attempts to discover radical political methodologies and methods of residing. it truly is extra a metaphoric portrait of a present left activist than a spitting computing device. it's a tale of private and ideological mess ups, a narrative of a naïve yet courageous soul who can’t obey to an international of masters and slaves. to boot it's a metaphor for the chance of discourses and the way those discourses exist in our bodies. in addition to, this ebook is set the impossibility of any ‘literature’, any aesthetics now.

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C. C. C. C. C. C. C. Page 24 The Sixth Lagoon: On Metaphor and Discourse HELEN MAYER HARRISON and NEWTON HARRISON Pay attention to the flow of waters Pay attention to the integrity of the waters flowing Pay attention to where the waters are flowing Pay attention to where the waters desire to flow Pay attention to where the waters are willed to flow Pay attention to the flow of waters and the mixing of salts Pay attention to the flow of waters and the mixing with earth Attend to the integrity of the discourse between earth and water the watershed is an outcome Pay attention to the discourse between earth water and men interruption is an outcome Pay attention to the meaning of the nature of such discourse and the nature of the meaning of interruption After all a discourse is a fragile transitory form an improvisation of sorts And anyone may divert a discourse of any kind into another direction if they do not value its present state Pay attention to changes of state Page 25 Page 26 For instance If the flow of the waters of the Colorado River system has been interrupted by dam after dam which demand of the river that it generate electricity and serve as a source of potable water for cities outside the watershed while requiring the river to act as a sewer for agricultural wastes then the state of the river has been changed and that change must reverberate back through the system If the flow of waters has been made to behave like rain to irrigate millions of acres of arid land then the state of the land has been changed to give advantage to that which would not naturally grow and disadvantage to that which did If the state of the water has been changed to disadvantage that which evolved in the flowing waters and give advantage to recent forms such as urbanization and industrialized agriculture then since a steady output of industrialized energy must be spent for the maintenance of the system and the energy is electrical and of high voltage and the energy is hydraulic and of high cost concomitant beliefs have evolved that these recent forms are valuable and self-justifying and necessary for the maintenance of life and well-being Pay attention to the cost of belief Page 27 For instance If for millenia the fresh waters of the Colorado and the salt waters of the gulf have been improvising the form and disputing the southern boundary of the delta the silt-laden Colorado dropping its load and extending the delta the gulf with its thirty- to fifty-foot tidal bores washing the delta away but slowly retreating before the massive silt load and if this dialogue has been interrupted to divert the waters of the Colorado elsewhere then advantage has been given to the tides of the gulf which will once more slowly seep up the delta to again reclaim the Colorado-irrigated farmlands of Mexico and the Imperial and Coachella valleys and disadvantage has been given to that vegetation which had adapted to the inconstant flow of waters and to all parts of the life web dependent upon those parts already disadvantaged and advantage has been given to Phoenix Arizona the Denver plains the Platte River the cities of Los Angeles Long Beach San Diego and the counties of Riverside Imperial Orange Los Angeles and San Diego and all of their populations and industries Pay attention to the cost of the giving of advantage and disadvantage Page 28 Page 29 For instance If the flow of waters within the Sri Lanka tank system has been operating for more than 2,500 years utilizing depressions in the ground for off-stream storage and gently sloping canals to bring water to smaller tanks and smaller tanks again through the villages to the paddies and If the water in the canals serves for daily bathing and washing and as potable water and as sanctuary for fish and animals and bird and plant life then over time the tank and the canal system has niched itself into the ecology and the state of the land has been minimally changed giving advantage to such historic forms as villages and farms while not disadvantaging the rivers and riverine life thus although a steady output of manual energy must be spent in order to sustain the system the energy spent is collaborative and of low force the energy is harmonic and of low cost therefore concomitant beliefs have not evolved that high-force high-energy systems are valuable and useful and necessary for the maintenance of life and well-being Pay attention to the cost of belief Page 30 Page 31 Pay attention to the state of belief Pay attention to the belief stated Pay attention to the flow of belief and the willing of desire Pay attention to the flow of belief and the enacting of desire Pay attention to the system upon which desire is enacted and the system that generates desire Attend to the discourse between belief systems and environmental systems Pay attention to the meaning of the nature of such discourse and the nature of the meaning of redirection After all a discourse is a fragile transitory form an improvisation of sorts and anyone may divert a discourse of any kind into another probable direction if they do not value its present direction Pay attention to the choosing of probable directions and the authorship of changes of state Pay attention to changes of state Page 32 Uneasy Thoughts From Uneasy Places Patricia Nelson Limerick When I was young, I specialized in taking things for granted.

With the impurity of my thoughts on dams, with my failure to reconcile environmental justice and social justice, with my recognition of how much I am myself the beneficiary of our systems for the distribution of water and electricity, with my inability to believe that our deep and serious conflicts of interest in water allocation will be addressed and resolved with reason and generosity, I am a good prospect for the ecomilitia's version of a dishonorable discharge. Impure thoughts are, however, the logical harvest of any serious effort to appraise the American West's recent history.

I followed as best I could, keeping the line taut. He turned back, and I grabbed frantically for line, then suddenly he began to run wildly across the river. He caught me unprepared, line tore from the spool, but we stayed together, bound by the river and the line, while he slashed around. At last he began to drift back. I thought he was tired, but he was still vertical in the water, keeping his head upstream. He came down close to my left leg, just out of reach. I could see his brightness then, through the clear water, the fins working easily.

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