A Sliver of Redemption, Book 5 The Half-Orcs - download pdf or read online

By David Dalglish

ISBN-10: 1456568973

ISBN-13: 9781456568979

The struggle god Thulos marches the world over of Dezrel, recruiting infantrymen into his demon military and annihilating all who stand opposed to him. by using 3 Kings, Harruq Tun and his buddies needs to keep the kingdom of Mordan, whose priest-king has sworn to the darkish god, and may summon no matter what nightmarish creatures essential to hold rule. as soon as freed, they could flip their cognizance east, to the struggle god's process. sooner than the partitions of Mordeina, and excessive above within the golden urban of Avlimar, the final survivors make their stand opposed to a global of dying and conquest. A SLIVER OF REDEMPTION by way of David Dalglish the ultimate conflict has come.

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Teralyn, his beloved had named the corpse... ” He glanced up, wiping away his tears. There were no torches or campfires nearby for light, but both the orcish and elvish blood in his veins granted him excellent vision in the darkness. When he saw the sleek figure sliding into his tent, her beautiful green dress rippling in the moonlight, he knew his tears would be seen by Aurelia's keen elven eyes. He said nothing, though he had much he wished to say. He knew so little of her. She was his brother's wife and, in a distant time, a friend.

A tall wizard with yellow robes and a small red beard bounded up the stairs as Thulos pushed away the chunks of rock that blocked his way. “Please tell me that's not who I think it is,” the yellow-robed man said. At first Thulos thought the wizard spoke of him, but then noticed the hateful glance thrown at the smaller of the two brothers. He made a note of it, then looked to the two women, magic dangling from their fingertips. One was an elf, certainly beautiful, with long auburn hair, walnut eyes, a flowing green dress.

All the while, the fool in the corner laughed. “Praise be,” Thulos heard the man shout. ” Thulos flinched at the name, as if an arrow had poked through his heavy, elaborate armor. Four players here in this game, and he did not know upon which side they stood on. It was time he knew. “I am Thulos, god of war,” he said. He did not need to shout, for his deep voice boomed in the quiet. “I command the bloody fist. I lead the Warseekers from star to star. Those who kneel may live in servitude. ” The larger man at the door drew a pair of swords.

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