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By S. Chandrasekhar, Kameshwar C. Wali

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The integration has been numerically effected for the following ten different values of the parameter :— i/V=0-8. o6 > °-5> o-4. ** 6 40 g W + »4)„ , g8(339g2 + 280) 7! 3x9! g7(i425g«+ 11436^ + 4256) ? Sxii! a = i - - 2 . (75)* The important quantities of interest are the boundary quantities occurring in equations (66), (67), (69). These are tabulated in Table I for the different values of y0. 12. From the figures of Table I it is easy to calculate the mass in units of M3, the radius in units of lt and the central density (=x 0 s ) m u m t s °f & * When yt -*• 00, q -*• 1 and the series (74) goes over into the expansion for Emden 6, near the origin (cf.

These completely collapsed configurations correspond to j3x = 1. Hence we know from (43) the point at which the curves of constant mass for M < M3 must intersect the R axis. Also for any mass we can calculate the value /3j has in the wholly gaseous state. x for a wholly gaseous configuration, which in its completely collapsed state has a central density corresponding to y =y0. 1-0 r- F I G . —The upper curve illustrates the (M, xa)-relation for configurations in which degeneracy is just developing at the centre.

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