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By Caputo, John D.; Caputo, John D.; Dooley, Mark

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The 1st thorough going, severe attention of the paintings of Continental thinker John D. Caputo through a bunch of distinctive philosophers, theologians, and cultural critics. The paintings offers Caputo's solutions to his appraisers.

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On the other hand, I think there was from the very beginning good reasons to foresee this series of events. For long before the works by Mark Taylor and Jack Caputo, which were of course very impressive developments, there were signs of interest on the part of theology. It was discreet and it had to be interpreted, but I was nevertheless attentive to it. Indeed, long before I met Mark and Jack, I had asked myself why is this so? What is there in my own texts and my own gestures which draws the attention of American theologians?

Levinas, De Dieu qui vient à l’idée, p. 115; “God and Philosophy,” in Levinas: Basic Philosophical Writings, p. 141. 19. For Derrida’s gloss on me voici, see “At this very moment in this work here I am,” trans. Reuben Berezdivin, in Re-reading Levinas, eds. Robert Bernasconi and Simon Critchley (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1991), pp. 17 ff. 20. Hans Urs von Balthasar, New Elucidations, trans. Sister Mary Theresilde Skerry (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1986), p. 23. This page intentionally left blank.

But then he would not be the father of faith but of good investments and estate planning. But if the Voice described by de Silentio is structurally unknowable, then on a minimalist reading, does that not mean that the voice is as much a what as a who, an it (il) as a he (il). Indeed it is not already too much to say a Voice, because to say a Voice, to call this call a call, is already to have anthropomorphized it, to have called it by a familiar name, to have brought it close, to have destroyed its distance and made it into something we know how to name.

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