New PDF release: A New Literacies Dictionary : Primer for the Twenty-first

By Adam Mackie

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ISBN-13: 9781602359741

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0 tool, which is gaining popularity in education. I designed a PowerPoint presentation to discuss dyslexia in EDUC275 Schooling in the United States in the spring of 2009 at Colorado State University. The presentation averred that, given knowledge of new literacies, responsible teachers must be prepared to teach students with a "different learning ability," such as dyslexia, in as many different modes as possible. The following presentation discusses research of dyslexia and claims dyslexia "only becomes a disability if it goes unrecognized and the teaching is inappropriate” (Pollock, Waller, and Politt).

Those that lead happy lives after marriage are very rare, and are considered to be very fortunate. Young children, not even able to speak well, are snatched away from the lap of their mothers and thrown into the crush of worldly life” (107). The treatment of children and women during this time must be analyzed with careful emphasis not to stereotype all of Indian men as oppressive. Research on the caste system in India might help with fully understanding the context of Ramabai’s world. Ramabai discusses her involvement with the Arya Mahila Samaj Association and states that “the objects of the Association are three – 1st, to put a stop to the marriage of children; 2nd, to prevent a man re-marrying while the first wife is living; 3rd, to give help to destitute women; and to encourage female education” (112).

The Ning Platform in O'Donnell-Allen's class proved to be an effective way to afford the space to bridge the gap between the physical, face-to-face classroom and what students could accomplish from other locations. The Ning provided a way for students to communicate or “interface” with the content of the course, their instructor and other classmates at any time, given a computer and an Internet connection. Nings have allowed instructors to create classrooms that are not dictated by a bell on the wall of a building.

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