A Lexicon of Modern Mohegan: The Dialect of Jits Bodunaxa - download pdf or read online

By Julian Granberry

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ISBN-13: 9783895867644

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Ex. tikomiwas [teecommewaas] 'he who strikes', 'striker'; dukwan g (which see) [duckwong] 'mortar' [Source: Diary 1] titi noun (ti·'i) /titi/ [tete] rap-rap [Source: Tale] to pronoun (to-) Ito-/ [to-] 1. how; 2. what; 3. where (inanimate) [Source: Diary 2] tolipas see doyibas towaj particle (to· 'waj) /towaj/ [towhage] why [Source: Noyes] tud- verb (tud-) /t:xl-1 [tudd-] drink. Ex. tudum [tuddum] 'he drinks' [Source: Diary I] tugung noun (tu·'gung) lt:~g:Jng! [tuggung] axe [Source: Diary 1] tugunig noun (tu·'gu·nig) lt:~g:Jnig/ [tugerneeg] bread.

Wigwo/ am 'house' ? + -un ~nd person singular Conjunct Order pronominal suffix? ) [Source: Dtary 2] wiji particle (wi·'ji) /wijil [weege] 1. together; 2. ekchu] 1. handsome; 2. pretty; 3. sweet [Source: Diary 2] see also Wiktwiksub agud verb (wik·su ·ba·'gud ) lwiks:rbag:xil [weeksubahgud] 'it is sweet' (Der. ' + -d participial suffix) [Source: Diary 2] wikt- verb (wikt-) /wikt-1 [weekt-] love. Ex. ni wiktum un [ne weektumun] /ni wikt-;}fll-~/ 'I love someone'; wiktum [weaktum] 'he loves' [Source: Diary 1] wikum- verb (wi·'kum-) /wik;}fll-/ [weehcum] call [Source: Noyes] wimo particle (wi·'mo) /wimol [wemoo] tight (not dark) [Source: Diary 2] winay noun (wi·nay ') /winayl [wenai] (old) woman {Sourc~: ~iary.

Wodkw:1nsl [woodqunch] wood for the fire wojuwas noun (wo·'ju·was) /woj:JWasl [woojerwas] fly [Source: Diary 2] womban noun (wom·'ban) /wombanl [womban] 1. morning; 2. tomorrow . Ex. wosgwigl [woosgwege] book (D~r. wosgwo-s-ol 'he wrttes (Der. wosgwo- . mark + -s reflexive suffix+ -o 3rd person singular suffix) [Source: Dtary 1] wot noun (wot) /wotl [woot] mouth [Source: Diary 1; Stiles 't6neege'] wotupig noun (wo·tu·pig') /wot:J[Jigl [woothuppeag] 1. bucket; 2. pail [Source: Diary 1] wu- pronominal prefu (wu-) /w~/ I.

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