A Flame of Learning, Krishnamurti with Teachers by J. Krishnamurti PDF

By J. Krishnamurti

ISBN-10: 9062718299

ISBN-13: 9789062718290

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K: What’s that, ‘to care deeply’? T: It’s a mature thing to discover. K: I don’t think so. I think children have got the instinct to care, with their toys, with their dogs. They have this feeling, but it is not lasting, it is only momentary. T: Doesn’t the issue of watchfulness immediately hinge on how partial or how complete it is? I mean, if you bring it up among ourselves, or in the particular case of the student, isn’t it then a question of degree of watchfulness? K: I think the question is, can we approach this problem, and also, why is it so difficult?

We point that out to someone, but he says, ‘I see that’, and stops there. Then what? Come on, sirs! T: We look at our relationships here, and I speak for myself, things happen and I react. K: I’m asking you. ’ That’s the question, isn’t it? T: We answered that. K: Yes. Therefore, do you see that? Do you see that is the mirror in which you see? T: I think we do see, but what we see is people that are not beyond that; they do react. K: All right, we do react. So, do you want to change that? Is it necessary to change that?

So you want to break down the habit-making mind, or brain. How do you do that? T: Is the reality of the situation that we want to break down the habit and it’s not that we don’t like the long hair? K: Sir, not long hair. I come here, from America or from India, and I don’t know how to eat at table; I want to attack the habit that has made that, not have you telling me to eat this way or that way. We’ll come to that later, but I want to show him the habit that has made him do that. T: That is my point.

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