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By J.Harold Ellens

ISBN-10: 1299644929

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ISBN-13: 9781443844321

This quantity is tightly full of marvelous insights one easily doesn't quite often listen from the pulpit yet but are so evidently implied within the biblical narratives of Christmas and Easter. Dr. Ellens has a different approach of cracking open general biblical sentences and tales and spilling out a wholly clean cornucopia of life-changing insights concerning the radical nature of the good news approximately God's grace. principles and metaphors from the Bible that we've got heard or learn so frequently that they have got turn into regimen and cliche all of sudden flower with clean new meanings and intimations. Dr. Ellens' conscientiously and cogently expressed biblical interpretation and sermon oratory incarnate God's fact and produce to full of life new power a brilliant adventure of the God because the motive force of Divine Spirit in our own lives and in heritage. Preaching has seldom been this attractive, robust, and spiritually empowering in many years. This hot hearted booklet is a transparent and clarion demand one important topic: God's radical, uncalculating, unconditional, and common forgiving grace. Claims for God's redemptive presence and reason for our international that pulpiteers have usually feared, kept away from, or did not see within the middle of the gospel are the following set forth with unapologetic boldness. Dr. Ellens' trumpet isn't really muted at any aspect. evidently this hearty soul has a keenness for souls, a stimulating brain, and an educated pastoral charm for life-changing encounters with the biblical tale of the insinuation of God's self into human and heritage lifestyles at Christmas, Easter, and all of the remainder of the time

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In Christ that is one of 30 Sermon Six the aspects of shalom we are expected to find. God owns the gift of wealth and wishes us to have it and share it. What about incense. Frankly, I hate the stuff. My wife burns incense all over the house. She does it to improve the aroma. I do not know whether that is a statement about me. She does it for the aesthetics of the experience. She does it just because it is done these days. She does it because she meditates. She does it for all kinds of reasons and it seems to work for her.

We do it repeatedly, every year! After Epiphany, or at least by midJanuary, we are ready for the music to change back to Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and some of the lesser types more current in the society today. Christmas was a festival long before Christ was born. That is, the 25th of December was a grand and dramatic festival a long time before it became an occasion for Christian festivity. In the Roman Empire, from 150 BCE to 650 CE that date was a feast celebrating the winter solstice and beginning of the new year.

So he was crucified with two other revolutionaries. While he was dying, his executioners took his clothes, the only thing he owned. He probably got those from the Salvation Army. He had apparently been too busy in life to remember to arrange with the funeral parlor for a cemetery plot. One friend temporarily loaned him a grave. His imprint on history and on us is more remarkable than anything else that has happened to us individually or communally. More life-changing than the American or French revolutions!

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